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ACCOUNT: Do I have to create an account to buy something from your store?

Yes and no, you do not have to create an account before you start your order (although you can if you want to). Your account will automatically be created when you complete your first order.

I forgot my username or my password. What do I do?

If you happen to have forgotten either your username or your password, click on one of the two buttons next to the login boxes at the top of our page. These will have our system send them to the email address you signed up under.

I am not receiving any of the emails for my order. What's wrong?

If you are not receiving any of our emails, it usually means that your email address is mis-typed in our system. Please use the Contact Us form and send us your username and the correct email adress and we will fix it for you.

ORDERS: What forms of payment do you accept?

All of our payments are handled through Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account as Paypal also handles credit card payments without an account. Instead of logging in with Paypal, below that is the option for credit card. Simply fill in the information.

I purchased a digi from your store and have not received my download link?

The link to your downloads can be found in the order Confirmation email. Each digital item will have 2 links, the first to the item in the shop, and the second to the download for that item. If you did not automatically receive this email our system may be mis-typed (go to the answer above to fix this) or your order is still Pending. You can check the status of your order and get your downloads right from your Account Maintenance: Log in Click on "Account Maintenance" Scroll down and click 'Your Orders' from the choices in grey. Click the order number (blue link) of the order in question Below each digital stamp name is a link for that digi's zip file. Click the link to download the zip file. Please note where it saves to easily find your download.

How long do I have to download my purchased images?

You have 72 hours (three days) or 24 hours after the first download to download all your files. You also have three chances to download.

I did not have the chance to download my file. What do I do?

If you haven't had a chance to download your files before the 72 hours is up, use the Contact Us form to tell us (please include your order #). We will re-activate your downloads for another 72 hours. If you are unsure what the expiration is on your order, under each digital item in your Order Confirmation email is listed the date and time of the expiration.

I have a coupon code, how do I use it?

You can enter your coupon code in the box at the bottom of "your cart" screen. This is done before you go to the checkout.

The file I downloaded from you isn't an image, it looks like a folder, but I can't use the images inside. What do I do?

The file you download from us is what's called a zip file (should look like a folder with a little zipper or a stack of books tied together). This type of file compresses everything placed inside so it is easier and faster for downloading. Once the items are inside (you'll find a PNG, JPEG and our Angel Policy) you can't use them, because of the compression, until you unzip the file. Its super easy to do! :) Simply right click and choose Extract Here or Extract All and it will unzip for you. Then you can use them as you'd like!

I can't open the file I downloaded, my computer says "unknown file type" or "corrupt file" what's wrong and how can I fix it?

I apologize for that! It is an error that is due to the browser you are using to download, which is occurring most of the time with Firefox. The easiest thing to do is to use another browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari) and re-download your file. If you've used all of your downloads and need help please contact us and we will reset your downloads.

I purchased Digis from the shop but I wasn't able to download them right away. Why does my order say "expired"?

Our site has a couple of security features to help prevent file sharing, 2 of these occur when you order. You have 72 hours from your purchase time or 24 hours from first download to get your downloads. Our system keeps track of the number of downloads (there is a limit of 3) and when the time limit expires it deactivates your downloads. If you missed downloading your files please use the contact form and let us know (please include your order #). We will reset the downloads and the links in your confirmation email will work again. 

SHIPPING:  When will my order ship?

On orders that require shipping (non-digital items): First, thank you for your order! We try and be very prompt with shipping your stamp order. We will get your order out within 4-5 business days of your order or sooner. You will receive an email when we ship, though we do not ship on the weekends.

How long can I expect shipping to take?

It depends on where you are :) You can usually expect shipping to take 1-2 weeks though domestic orders are typically much faster.

What shipping options do you have available?

Currently we ship all orders using USPS First Class shipping. All domestic orders include Delivery Confirmation (something not offered to International First Class deliveries). If you would like to have your delivery shipped Priority please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Any additional shipping charges will be billed via Paypal.

EXTRA STUFF: How can I get you to sponsor our blog?

If you would like us to consider your blog or site for sponsorship, please contact me by email:

Can I buy your Clear Stamps in Digi form?

No, our digi designs and clear stamp designs are kept separate.

What are Digital Stamps and how do I use them?

Digital Stamps are the Pixels and Printer version of traditional Rubber or Clear Stamps. These images are created using your printer instead of a stamp and ink. 

What are Cut Files?

Cut files are created to be used with your electronic die cut machine (ie Silhouette). Included in the file is an SVG, which is a type of cut file that is recognized by many programs like the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio, Make the Cut and Sure Cuts A Lot, among others, as well as an JPG or PNG of the file.