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Angel Policy

All stamps/images from Cute As A Button Stamps & Designs are copyrighted designs and may not be reproduced, resold or redistributed in any form. By purchasing any images from Cute As A Button, we are granting you only, the purchaser, a limited standard-use license.

Purchase of a Cute As A Button Designs digital download or rubber stamp is not the actual purchase of the artwork, but rather it is the purchase of our standard-use license, which allows the license holder to use the license to use the digi image to create hand-made custom greeting cards and paper crafts projects (for all NON-paper craft uses, such as fliers, handouts, web banners, team banners, company logos, blog mastheads, etc, print-on-demand merchandise and other commercial use, a purchase of a Extended Use License and Commercial Use License is required and approval in writing is needed from Francesca Lopez.

Finished individually handcrafted custom greeting cards and paper craft projects made with Cute As A Button Designs images may be sold only by the license holder, on a small scale, per-item basis. (No more than 10 items per image). Credit must be given to Cute As A Button Designs by Francesca Lopez on your final project and/or promotion of the product. You may NOT mass produce items bearing this image with a digi or rubber stamp purchase; this usage requires the purchase of an Extended Use License.  If you will be selling more than 10 handmade cards/projects, you can purchase the image again for the individual purchase price to be used for another sale of 10 more handmade cards/projects or obtain an Extended Use License in the amount of $40 in addition to the image purchase price which will grant you permission to sell up to 100 handmade products. Anything above 100 would require purchase of an Unlimited Extended Use License.  Please contact me for further details. 

Terms of Use

All stamps/images from Cute As A Button Stamps & Designs are copyrighted designs and may not be reproduced, resold or redistributed in any form. By purchasing any images from Cute As A Button, we are granting you only, the purchaser, a limited personal license, not the copyright. Respecting licenses and rights of the artist you love is what allows them to keep working and providing for their families and art for you. 

Permitted Uses

You may use our digital/clear stamp images for cards/craft items/altered art projects that you make yourself, by hand. You may sell these items online, local shops, or craft fairs provided that you print/write this credit line on the back or attached tag: Images © Francesca Lopez for Cute As A Button Designs. In addition, when selling items online, each item listing must include the credit line in the description. You may sell up to 10 cards or other items, per image that you purchase.

Uploading of any watermarked project to galleries/blogs/websites are also permitted (and encouraged!) provided that said credit line is placed in the description with each photo and watermarked. Cards and other handmade projects that you've created using Cute As A Button Stamps.

You may not store, post or PIN our un-watermarked paper and stamp images/sentiments on Pinterest or any other internet venue (including but not limited to blogs, forums, internet communities, etc.). This includes private blogs, private Pinterest boards, private forums and/or galleries, etc.  

Items submitted for publication in print magazines is also permitted (and encouraged!) as long as said credit line is included in supply list/ description with a link to my Shop.


You may not redistribute any of our designs, this includes rubber designs, clear stamp designs, cut files, die cuts, digital designs, and custom products. Distribution includes, but, is not limited to: sharing via email, trading, swapping, lending, duplicating, posting to the internet, renting or reselling.

You may not sell printed/stamped copies of our images alone; they must be incorporated into a finished project that you are selling. This includes hand stamping the image and then selling it as a "topper" (black and white or pre-colored image) to another person or business entity. Also you may not trade, share or redistribute our images in anyway. For example, you may not print an image out and send it to a friend or swap group or have a RAK or blog candy give away.

YOU MAY NOT use Cute As A Button Designs paper and stamp images/sentiments for making molds to reproduce the design, nor to create patterns for anything, including but not limited to rubber or acrylic stamps, embroidery, cross-stitch, stitching, jewelry, fondant figures or cake shapes, candy, candy molds, wood products, metal, tattoos, stickers, planner stickers, etc. and sell or distribute them in any way. This not only violates the legal copyrights of Cute As A Button Designs, but of it's artist as well.

You may not reproduce our images in other formats such as digital stamps, rubber stamps, clear stamps, stickers, kits, scrapbooking supplies or papers, fabric, t-shirts, embroidery or cross stitch patterns or other any other merchandise, it must be incorporated into a finished product.

Stamps may not be digitally scanned or altered. 

Images may NOT be altered, added to, and claimed as your own (i.e., used as your avatar, icon or banner image).

Stamps or digis may NOT be used for classes unless consent from us is given PRIOR to use. This includes class materials and examples or other items that may be distributed or used in a class setting. Right to do so remains with us and our wholesale customers.

You may not email or otherwise distribute our digital files in any format (ZIP, PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, etc.) You may not offer our digital files for download on other websites or as any part of a collection. You may not use our images in the creation of any digital files, other than those for your own personal use.

You may not use any of Cute As A Button Designs images or designs to create items such as logos, business materials (such as business cards, postcards, letterhead etc.)  trademarks, layout designs for other websites or blogs, embroidery designs, Zazzle or Cafe Press designs, etc. Items created with our designs must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of us or any third party. A Digital Card License or Commercial Use License is required.


More Info

We here at Cute As A Button Designs reserve the right to amend our policies and terms at any time. Future amendments are effective upon publication on the website. If I didn't cover any unforeseen circumstances, you must ask prior to acting.  Please also be advised that in purchasing or using any Cute As A Button Designs image in any project or design, you are giving Cute As A Button Designs expressed permission to use your final project or completed design in promoting its images in any venue, including, but not limited to, merchandising, marketing, Etsy, Facebook, Blogger, Pinterest, and any other social or web venue, etc.


Please do NOT POST them online except as part of a watermarked completed project  (i.e., card, scrapbook demo, project you created, etc.) Any other posting is a violation of copyright law regardless of where it is posted. If you did not purchase the item, you are PROHIBITED from posting it on any web site or social forum for purpose of slanderous remarks, and to conduct or violate unfair business practices and right to sell federal laws, or any other negative comments. Only watermarked images can be posted on social forums such as pinterest, blogs and Facebook for the sole purpose of sharing the image and to promote it and NOT discredit it, as that too, is a violation of Federal law. Only purchased images can be posted as part of a finished project, giving credit to Francesca Lopez/ Cute As A Button Designs and attaching a link to my Shop or Facebook page. Thank you.


Angel Policy

I am thrilled for you to make and sell the handmade or hand-colored cards that you create with my images, but please remember to abide by our Terms of Use by not lending, reselling, sharing, copying, or redistributing, etc. the images. You may submit the aforementioned cards/craft projects for publication, but please credit Francesca Lopez for Cute As A Button Designs ( in your materials list. The images may not be used in any form for commercial or digital reproduction.


Cute As A Button Designs digi stamps may be flipped, rotated, cropped and scaled by the license holder. You may not delete any existing line work without explicit permission from Francesca or Cute As A Button Designs, however it is permitted to ADD line work, and items and/or accessories to the image.

For craft sheet designers, we offer a Digital Card Kit License for creating downloadable card kits and craft sheets with Cute As A Button Designs digis for sale through approved websites such as CraftsUPrint for a one-time fed of $35.00.  If you are not in compliance with the terms of the Card Kit License, we can, at any time, immediately revoke your license and all products with our images must be removed within 24hours. In addition, the web Administrators will also be notified of your non-compliance.  Email us to apply!  

For all NON-paper craft uses (print merchandise, handmade gifts for sale, company logos, menus, flyers, web banners, social media avatars and graphics, blog mastheads, etc. or print-on-demand merchandise and other commercial use) most of our cool, fun, faith and sassy images and more are available at Cute As A Button Designs Shop and a Commercial Royalty License directly from Cute As A Button Designs is required; no middlemen, lower prices, and more generous usage terms than stock image agencies. We are constantly adding new content - please notify us if you can't find the particular image you're looking for, we'll make it available for you ASAP! For further information, please email Cute As A Button Designs at


If you have any questions regarding proper usage of our digital or rubber stamps, please email us at Thanks very much for your support - Happy Crafting!!!


I am a small, one woman-owned business and this is how I make my living for my family. When people share my images that is potential income that I lose. (Plus, it's illegal.) I appreciate your support!

Francesca, Cute As A Button Designs



Cute As A Button Designs retains all rights associated with its images and we will defend these rights in a court of law.

Persons purchasing and/or receiving Cute As A Button Designs images/sentiments assume all liability for suitability of their work and agree to indemnify Cute As A Button Stamps & Designs and its artists from disputes arising from their work. Should any dispute arise or the buyer/receiver of Cute As A Button Designs images violates these terms of use, the buyer/receiver of Cute As A Button Designs images is responsible for all attorneys’ fees, court costs and any other fees or costs that may be incurred in mediation, litigation and/or the resolution of the dispute and/or violation. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of California. Any and all legal disputes arising from the violation of these terms shall be brought only in San Bernardino County, California.

The images in the stamp sets shown on the Cute As A Button Designs Web Site are protected by United States and international trademark and copyright laws. Actual stamps may vary in size from the images shown on your computer, depending on their original posting size and the configuration of your browser and screen resolution. Reproduction of these images in any form is strictly prohibited.

If you see our images anywhere else on the web, either for sale or for display, please contact us. Be sure to include the URL (web address) where you saw our images. Thank you!